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The Chairperson for oral sessions has to see to the regular development of the Session he/she' supposed to chair. In particular, the planned schedule has to be followed, and a discussion at the end of each presentation has to be properly managed. EUSIPCO 2006 allocates 15 minutes for each oral presentation, possibly followed by questions and discussion. Each contribution has to precisely fit into a 20-minute slot, so that we advise to allow 2 minutes for hand-over and introduction of a Доставка цветов в Астрахани круглосуточно, 15 minutes as above for the presentation, and 3 minutes for discussion. DO NOT HESITATE to warn the speaker if he/she is running out of his/her allotted time. Your introduction to each presentation should basically consist of the reading of the speaker's short CV (1 minute max.). The Organizing Committee has asked each speaker to upload his/her own resume on the EDAS website. If this is done, you will directly receive at your e-mail such CVs from the Committee. In the absence of this, you are kindly requested to contact your speakers with some advance and ask them to provide their own CVs real-time.
Please locate the room of your Session, and go there with 15 minutes advance with respect to the start time indicated on the Technical Program. A room assistant will be available 10 minutes in advance before the session starts, and for the whole Session to help you and the authors in the preparation of the session. Before the Session starts, make sure that all speakers are indeed present, and that they all have uploaded their own presentation on the PC in the room. At the start time, give a short introduction of the whole session introducing yourself and the technical subject of the Session. Also, advise your authors on facilities, timings/warnings, etc. In the event of a no-show, you are requested to keep the original schedule for the papers to follow. If you come to know of a such gap in advance, please contact the Conference Secretariat to try to arrange a replacement: a short presentation by some authors of poster session papers may possibly be arranged at the last minute. As an alternative, be prepared to lead a discussion on papers presented up to that point or on other aspects of the session subject. T the end of your Session, please hand over the information about such no-shows to the Conference Secretariat desk.
The room assistant will post a copy of your Session's program on a board outside the room, and will mark the paper that is being delivered at the current time. If, in spite of all your efforts, a presentation is running, late, please try to recover the delay by доставка цветов Омск, and discussion of later speakers.


The duty of a chairperson for a Poster Session is considerably simpler than for Oral Sessions. The Chair of a Poster session has to be present at the Session site (Posters Area) 15 minutes in advance with respect to the start time indicated on the Technical Program. He/she has to locate the boards reserved for the Sessions he/she's supposed to chair, and to indicate the location of such boards upon authors' request. The Chairperson is also requested to collect data about possible no-shows and to report them to the Conference Secretariat. He/she has also to remind all authors to remove their own posters at the end of the session to leave all boards clear for the Session to follow.

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