What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop?

As air fryers become popular, many people might be wondering, “What can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop?”. Let our post solve this worry.

 People tend to place their air fryers directly on the surface of the countertop without any protection. As a result, after a long time of use, the heat from the air fryer not only affects the fryer itself but also damages the countertop.

For this reason, applying protection between the air fryer and the countertop is crucial. That’s why our post today will answer the question of “What can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop?” for you.

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What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop?

There are many choices you can opt for as a source of protection for the countertop. These protective solutions should have these fundamental features like excellent heat-resistant, non-skid, and scratch-proof.

#1 Silicone Mat

Silicone is always the top-notch material used for making heat-resistant material. As a fact, a silicone pad can withstand the heat of 450 Fahrenheit degrees and -40 Fahrenheit of cold. Therefore, you can use a silicone mat as a protector for your countertop and your fridge shelf.

What’s more, you can also use it for preparing food, baking, or pastry by turning it into a vegetable cutting mat, pizza mat, or potholder. However, before using silicone mats for these purposes, you should look for ones with high-quality and medically approved certificates.

The flexibility and ease of use are other features that make this an optimal item to protect the air fryer’s countertop by putting it under the machine. Since silicone is not a rigid material, you can fold and neatly store the mat when not using it.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 1The silicone mat for the kitchen.

Plus, when you put in or take the food out of the air fryer and accidentally spill it all over the silicone mat, the stains and debris are inevitable. Unlike other materials, you can effortlessly use warm water and soap to wipe out the stains on the silicone mat.

Some air fryer models don’t have an anti-skid bottom, so they may slide out of the countertop and fall onto the ground. Silicon mat’s here to solve that issue. Anti-skid is a remarkable feature of a silicon mat that will keep your air fryer steady on the countertop.

Another reason why we should choose a silicone mat is due to its environmentally friendly recyclable and reusable features.

#2 Insulated Mat

Though both result from the utilization of silicon, an insulated mat is different from the silicone mat above in terms of the coating layer. An insulated mat has its surface made from steel mixed with non-stick aluminum. Therefore, this type of mat brings the sense of a high-grade item due to its steel silvery pattern.

This steel coat boosts the heat-absorbing ability of the mat so that it can protect the countertop more efficiently.

Like its brother above, the insulated product assists users in the cleaning process. A moist, damp cloth can solve all debris and stains.

#3 Wooden Cutting Board

Hardly anyone has thought of this item for protecting the countertop despite its commonness. If you have a redundant wooden cutting board, you can use it to protect your countertop against the heat from the air fryer.

A wooden cutting board can withstand the 500 Fahrenheit-degree heat released from the air fryer to keep the countertop intact. Although a wooden board is heavy enough to resist skidding, it still stands the risk of sliding when placed on a granite countertop. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry. This protection will work well on other countertop types.


What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 2A wooden cutting board.

Apart from wooden cutting boards, other types of cutting boards like bamboo or glass can be decent options for avoiding the air fryer’s heat from deforming the countertop. There’s almost no difference between these types, so you can relate to the wooden board when finding out more about the bamboo and the glass ones.

#4 Plain Ceramic Tile

For anyone with a big budget, the expensive heat-absorbing material on the plain ceramic tile would be the best option.

The ceramic itself is a cool material, so when positioned under an air fryer, it will cool down the machine’s temperature while restricting the heat from reaching the countertop. Nowadays, you can find plain ceramic tiles with various sizes adequate to fit your air fryers on multiple eCommerce platforms.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 3The granite tile must be plain.

You will face no hindrance when cleaning the ceramic tile’s surface. Yet, wiping out the stains and dirt on the bottom’s inner face is quite difficult because dust is always clotting there.

Can A Granite Countertop Work Well With An Air Fryer?

Granite is the toughest natural material for construction that can resist 1000 Fahrenheit degrees of heat. From this piece of information, you may think that the air fryer heat is harmless to the granite countertop? We’re very sorry to inform you that it’s not true.

Nothing is perfect, and neither is the granite. The imperfect build quality may result in some minor internal cracks of the granite sheet. Besides the quick heating-up and cooling-down of the air fryer’s temperature, the cracks will expand and become significantly damaged.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 4

A kitchen countertop.

Therefore, the granite countertop can be a suitable spot to place your air fryer, but remember to put a protection mat between them.

Should You Put Protection Under The Air Fryer?

The answer is YES, and you SHOULD put a protection item under the air fryer.

Without protection, the heat from the air fryer will directly transfer to the countertop. The heat will destroy the countertop from time to time, especially with low-grade countertop materials like wood or laminate. The deteriorating process will occur faster.

Bottom Lines

After reading our post, your “What” on “What can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop?” might have changed into “Which.” These are the four most common and optimal items to prevent the heat of an air fryer from destroying the countertop. Carefully consider your budget and demand to pick the appropriate product.

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