What are the Top Factors, which should be Considered While Purchasing the Best Epilators for Avoiding Health Problems?

It is important to remember that selecting and purchasing the best epilators is mainly rest upon the current needs and requirements of the women.  Each epilator comes with distinct accessories and features, which are particularly designed to fulfil the requirements of the various women.

Moreover, some best epilators can be used cordlessly and underwater. Thus, keeping this mind I would like to share the information about the top factors, which should be considered while purchasing the best epilator.

Dry or Wet Option

Even though, it is a well-accepted reality that epilating generally works quite well on the dry skin however, the current & latest epilators can be utilized in underwater and shower. Remington, Panasonic, Braun and Emjoi all make dry and wet models.

Generally, these models can cost more as compare to their dry corresponding items as this makes epilation less painful and messy, women may still love to have this particular option. Moreover, warm water assists to relax skin.

After epilation, dry and wet epilation left skin less irritated as compared to the dry epilation. Thus, as a result there was less bumpiness and redness on skin. Dry and wet models are especially designed to be water-resistant.

All these models of the epilators have safety feature which switch off the appliance once it is plugged into wall. It simply means that women are unable to use epilators when they are plugged in. Beside this, it is advisable to charge the epilator before using it.

Battery Operated/Corded

Few epilators run on the standard batteries. It means, as the batteries run out users will need to replace all of them. In case, readers are new to the epilation, they may willing to try one of the model once they tend to be less costly.

Nevertheless, if they plan on epilating on regular basis, they may willing to upgrade to rechargeable or corded model. Furthermore, corded models are extra powerful as compare to cordless models.

Whereas, cordless models meant to lose the power with the passage of time, which users are going to spend on epilation, corded models keep consistent power. Thus, it is advisable to do to some research before making the purchase in order to have a flawless epilation experience.


It is worth mentioning that epilators comes with the distinct amount of the tweezers. Users can easily get an epilator with only one tweezer however; Emjoi models have total seventy-two tweezers.

Additionally, epilating could take much time particularly at first. When users have more tweezers it can result in fast epilation however, it can be extremely painful. Purchasing the best epilator with extra tweezers may not always mean fast performance especially if epilator never pluck hair successfully.


It is important to remember that epilators might be very noisy. Majority of them might be as noisy as electric razors. Few are very loud as compare to other comparable models.


Usually, epilators can cost about 40-100$. While investing more never essentially mean that users get flawless performance.

Amount of Discomfort

Epilators might be painful as epilating contains hair removal from roots. Few firms claim that these have made particular add-ons in order to make the whole process of epilating less painful. Generally, these dry and wet epilators come with the vibrating rubbing cap.

Areas of Body

Majority of the women primarily use epilators on legs. Nevertheless, if they determine to use the epilator on other parts of the body, they may willing to consider purchasing the best epilator, which comes with add-ons for different areas of the body for instance underarms and face.