Victor ARS 10 badminton racket – For the ability to handle the shuttlecock with lightning speed

One of the super products that have just been launched by the Victor badminton brand from Taiwan aimed at badminton players is the Victor ARS 10 badminton racket – For the ability to handle extremely fast shuttlecocks.

In the Auraspeed Series in favor of Speed ​​with the ability to handle the ball flexibly in all aspects of both attack and defense, the Victor ARS 10 badminton racket will certainly be a reasonable choice for those who want to play badminton. Do you love the all-around crafting style?

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The Victor ARS 10 racquet will be released with 2 versions 3U and 4U with a balance point of about 295mm, medium-stiff body, so the attack ability of the racket is very impressive, each smash goes fast and strong. and high penetration, compared to defense, the racquet’s offensive ability can be ranked as 6-4. In addition, despite saying that, when using her it defends, the cross is also extremely escaped, flying all the way to the end of the field.

Especially, the genuine Victor ARS 10 badminton racket is designed with extremely meticulous and eye-catching details with the main Bright Yellow tone combined with strong Black motifs to create an overall racquet with an exceptional appearance. both modern and elegant. Racquets suitable for movement players, semi-professionals, and high-level players will be easier to master.

In short, Victor ARS 10 is a New 2021 Speed-biased racquet worthy for any player who loves Counter-Strike, Net Capture to experience, guaranteed to enjoy.

 Technology applied to quality badminton racket Victor ARS 10

Ultra-Thin Frame: is a technology used by Victor to create racquet frames that are thinner than traditional frames. With the use of this technology, the Victor ARS 10 quality badminton racket has a frame that is 7% thinner than other normal racquet products. This is a breakthrough in badminton racket design that improves the player’s swing speed while maintaining frame stiffness and performance see also the best Yonex badminton racket 2022.

COMPOUND-SWORD: The Compound-Sword frame built into the original Victor ARS 10 racquet adds speed and stability. The upper part of the frame reduces air resistance, the middle improves the user’s ability to transfer energy to the sphere, and the lower part increases stability and speed by significantly reducing any twisting forces. . This ensures plenty of speed for shots and defense, and also provides stability for precise smashes.

SEVEN-SIX 76: Single grommet hole structure creates less friction between chains, which effectively reduces stress loss while prolonging chain life.

Players who are suitable for Victor ARS 10 good badminton racket

Victor ARS 10 good badminton racket with 4U version will be suitable for people with average wrist strength, movement players and 3U will be more demanding such as semi-professional players, tb-good level or higher.

Suitable for people who have a balanced play, like to control the bridge, like to break the bridge unexpectedly, and many techniques of erosion.

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