Small tips for the household using of the multimeter

Light bulb

What should you do with a burned light bulb or there is a problem with the lamp? Well, first of all, you need to check the circuit through your light bulb. You can use the low resistance or CONT setting. However, if you want to do this test with the compact fluorescent bulb or fluorescent tube, it will not work because these bulbs and tubes don’t have a running continuous conductor through it. While the incandescent light bulbs have the running continuous conductor. Instead of that, these compact fluorescent tubes and bulbs have a conductor that and are filled by a gas when it is contacted to high voltage of electrical charge.

If after checking, you find that the bulbs are still good, it is necessary to check on your lamp for further. You need to set the multimeter at 400 volt of AC selection. Now, you use one probe to touch on the side of bulb socket and other probe on the tip at the socket bottom. At that moment, the reading of meter should be at about 120 volts. In the USA, most of the electrical outlets work on 120 volts and other heavy appliance units such as electric stoves or clothes dryers operate on 230 volts. In a lot of other parts around the world, all household electrical units use standard voltage at 230 to 240 volts. Therefore, you can adjust the reading of meter you want following to your locale voltage.

After checking the socket, the voltage of the bulb socket is good as your bulb is good as well but your lamp still does not working. If the bulb socket is old, at the bottom of bulb socket, the contact tip might lose the springiness. Therefore, it can not create the dependable contact to the bulb center tip. In that case, you can lift the tip by using the popsicle stick. Alternatively, you can use the screwdriver to lift the tip if you make sure that in the socket has no electrical power. Then, you screw your bulb into the socket of lamp and it will work as normal. Over time, you might want to replace the lamp socket but with this method, it will work for a long time.

I have just showed you 2 small tips of the multimeter. After reading my multimeter reviews, you may get the fact that this device can become a household or even DIY checking tool. Believe me, there are a lot of benefits of owing the multimeter at home. In case, you have some troubles with the household items, you can use it to solve for a few minutes. It is helpful, isn’t it?

Use it to solve the problem when the electric machines of clothes dryer do not dry

What happened when you still get wet clothes in the clothes dryer and this machine is running full cycle? The drum works as normal, the dryer runs for full circle so what goes wrong? First of all, you need to check the clogged filter and vent pipe. If these things are still good, electric may be the problem. Now, a multimeter can help you find and repair it.

Most of the dryer machines operate with 2 different circuits in 2 different voltages. The drum was turned to work at 115 volts by the motor. The heating element operates at 230 volts. When you use the multimeter, you should make sure the power of the dryer machine is disconnected. If the reading of meter doesn’t point out any number, you should check the circuit and fuse.

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