Besides flower village, Sa Dec city also has two national heritages including Huynh Thuy Le ancient house, Kien An Cung pagoda and many other ancient architecture.

For many years ago, people knew that Sa Dec has only Tan Quy Dong flower village and Le Huynh Thuy ancient house. Flower village has blossom period one month before Tet holiday. If you go to the flower village on the weekdays, you can see just only leaves there without any flowers. Under the hot sunshine, there is nothing to see in the flower village. Tu Ton rose garden used to be well known but it became worse when the owner died. In addition, Huynh Thuy Le ancient house is well known by film The Lover (producted in 1992). The most luxury hotel in Sa Dec city is two – star hotel but it is degradation now. Tourist guests sometimes pass by here for a while. Most of them do not stay overnight. However, you will be surprised to these information below.



With area of 60 km2, Sa Dec city does not have flower village only. The city has two national heritages such as Huynh Thuy Le ancient house and Kien An Cung pagoda (or Ong Quach pagoda) and many ancient architecture. Nguyen Hue Night Market is crowed along the river with many local products. Flour villa near Nga Bat river has thousands of workers where products nearly 40,000 tons of flour for both South Vietnam and Cambodia. There are a lot of specialties such as rice noodle brand Sa Dec, brown rice powder Bich Chi, chips Sa Giang…

Sa Dec is the heart of the Mekong Delta and in the system of international waterway of the Mekong River Cruise with the participation of many famous waterway travel agencies. In 2015, Mekong River Cruise was voted top 5 destination of waterway tourism of the world by CNN and Conde Nast Traveler.

In 2015, international passenger that came to Sa Dec by river tours is estimated at 50,000. Dong Thap has two international border gates including Dinh Ba and Thuong Phuoc. Dong Thap also has two national border gates including Thong Binh and My Can. Dong Thap and Sa Dec has many strange delicious cuisines such as pork hash wrapped in banana leaf Lai Vung, rat grill, spring rolls, rice in lotus leaf, fish drill, chili chicken soup, crab hot pot, local flavor soups…

Sa Dec flower village has Mr. Tu Ton (Duong Huu Tai, 1926 – 2005). He has huge passion on flowers. Flour village has Mr. Tu Khanh (Tran Nghiem Khanh, nearly 90 years old). He is the founder of Bich Chi brand – well known brown rice flour in the South Vietnam since 1966. Moreover, you can see Sarus Crane dacing in the afternoon at Tram Chim.



The committee of provincial tourism decided to develop the tourism of Sa Dec city by switching the function of Sa Dec government place and Dr. Nguyen Thanh Giung house (Deputy Director of Indochina University before 1945) to tourism places. Many other architecture and ancient houses with hundreds years old still remained its structure will be renew to serve tourists.

Sa Dec tourism will focus on Tan Quy Dong town and Sa Dec government place. Tan Quy Dong will be the homestay town between flower village and trade village. Tan Quy Dong town will link Sa Dec and the surrounding tourist destinations. On the other hand, Sa Dec government place that is covered by the Mekong and Sa Giang river is a combination of flower park, resort with river view, folk theater, rice museum…