Is Yonex Nanoflare 800 Development Edition Limited Edition?

Recently, Yonex has just “launched” the Nanoflare NF800LT product, which is the development version of the Nanoflare NF800. With the “LT” designation, you might immediately think that this could be a limited edition of the Nanoflare 800 (Limited) series. But you are completely confused with this notation, the symbol “LT” does not stand for Limited but stands for Light.

The NF800LT retains the traditional styling of the Nanoflare 800 series. Unsurprisingly, it sports a matte black body. At points 2-3 and 9-10 of the frame are embellished with luxurious and noble golden spirals. This can enhance the overall texture of the racquet, and the curves seem to hold limitless potential.

The rod part of the racquet is also covered with yellow twists, with these decorations creating the highlight of the Nanoflare 800LT, in addition, it is also seen as an overly synchronous connection between the frame and the shaft.
Compared with conventional box frames, the torsion frame fitted on the Nanoflare 800LT can reduce air resistance, in addition, the NF800LT is also equipped with a series of new shock-absorbing materials on both sides of the frame such as mesh. VDM shock absorbers can absorb twice as much vibration as regular carbon, which can make it easier for you in overhead bridge phases. In addition, with a new frame design, air resistance is reduced to an optimal level, the NF800LT is the lightest racquet in the NF series from Yonex.

The bottom of the frame uses a new type of carbon material “Torayca M40X”, which has both high strength and high rebound properties, which further improves the stability and bounce of the racket. At the same time, it can also be seen that the lower frame of the NF800LT still has nuanced adjustments and innovations to reduce wind resistance and increase rotational speed.

The perfect combination of shaft and frame creates a series of unique advantages for the NF800LT’s pre-mesh strikes, unlike the fast, soft, light, and resilient NR series. When paired with the BG80 series, instantaneous spherical sharpness and orientation are greatly guaranteed. The height and balance of the downward thrust during net pushing can form a good net-front thrust. The M40X has great flexibility and the NF800LT can easily show its advantage, with the low balance point, the shape of the center tube becomes smaller during rotation.

The overall stable construction of the frame Blaster Technology results in the expected shuttle performance, the rubber does not generate excessive vibrations when it hits the shuttle, and the rubber’s response is focused on impact. great weight.

The common feature of the NF800LT is that it is more suitable for doubles in front of the net, the ability of the small frame to explode when pressing the net first creates the opportunity to block the net faster. However, the light racquet is still a bit behind in terms of absolute attack and it is still lacking for “beaters” who like to attack, but the ability to defend and handle the ball quickly remains unchanged. effective. For the 5U light racquet line, the NF800LT still escapes the inherent “feminine” image, the playing experience is fast and fresh. Very suitable for gentle and delicate craft play.

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