How to choose a table tennis Racket – 6 Important Factors

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6 Factors You Should Consider When Buying A Table Tennis Racket

As you know, ping pong is one of the best sports for all ages. It’s not only an awesome workout, but it’s also a fun way to bond with friends and family. Ping pong, also commonly called table tennis, is a game that originated in Britain. It was first played in 1901 by British army officers stationed in the Chinese town of Jiaxing.

Ping pong is played on a hard table divided by a net. The game is usually played with one or two players, but can also be played with more for doubles or mixed doubles games. A player’s turn consists of serving the ball, playing the point, and then returning to one’s seat.

The game has evolved over the years to include rackets that are made out of various materials.You may not know what type of racket you want or need, but this article will break down the 6 factors and help you make your decision when buying a table tennis racket.

#1. Level of a Player

Table tennis rackets are ordered dependent on the ability level of the players. Therefore, knowing your degree of play is basic prior to buying a table tennis racket.

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a high-level player, you will not play with a similar racket until the end of time. For fledgling,¬† a racket that is not difficult to control is suggested.

Truth be told, you don’t should be worried about the racket’s speed or twist in the beginning phases of the game. Except if you have great control, these 2 components amount to nothing.

The racket with a more prominent twist and speed is reasonable for middle-of-the-road and progressed-level players since it will work on your abilities and assist you with performing better in a table tennis game.

#2. Performance Rating of a Racket

As indicated by their exhibition in three classes: speed, twist, and control, the rackets are evaluated in an unexpected way. Continuously look at a racket’s presentation rating prior to shortlisting and choosing it. Control is one of the main abilities in table tennis, so in case you’re simply beginning, search for a racket with a high control rating.

Go for the rackets with fast and abilities on the off chance that you think your abilities are acceptable and you can deal with the racket well. Rackets with a high velocity and twist execution are great for sharpening abilities. You can see which racket is the best fit for you dependent on its exhibition in numerous areas.

#3. ITTF Approved Racket

This is an urgent factor to contemplate. The ITTF is the global table tennis league accountable for table tennis guidelines and guidelines. So it’s a smart thought to twofold check whether the racket you’re purchasing is ITTF-supported; in case it isn’t, you will not have the option to utilize it in competitions or challenges.

You might be precluded from the opposition on the off chance that you utilize a table tennis racket that the ITTF has not supported at any expert or official level. This is certainly not a critical factor for sporting table tennis players. All things considered, it is basic for proficient and genuine players to analyze whether the racket has been supported by the ITTF.

#4. Hold Style of Player

A player’s hold type is additionally a definitive component for the racket. Shakehand and penhold holds are the two kinds of grasps. Table tennis rackets are likewise made distinctively relying upon how they are grasped. On the off chance that a player uses a penhold grasp, the person in question will utilize an unexpected racket in comparison to a player shake handhold.

#5. Durability and Strength

There is an assortment of great rackets available, however they are not outstandingly enduring. These rackets are modest, however following half a month, they will be pointless, and you will lose your cash.

One of the most basic and delicate parts of a table tennis racket is elastic. In case your racket’s elastic is of low quality, it will rapidly weaken. The racket with elastic substitution is additionally useful since it takes care of the issue of worn elastic. Also, you can supplant the elastic whenever.

#6. Blade and Handle

The wooden pieces of the racket are a sharp edge and handle. A mix of wood and carbon strands makes up the edge. Contingent upon the layers of the handle and different materials utilized, it very well may be inflexible or adaptable.

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