What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop?

As air fryers become popular, many people might be wondering, “What can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop?”. Let our post solve this worry.

 People tend to place their air fryers directly on the surface of the countertop without any protection. As a result, after a long time of use, the heat from the air fryer not only affects the fryer itself but also damages the countertop.

For this reason, applying protection between the air fryer and the countertop is crucial. That’s why our post today will answer the question of “What can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop?” for you.

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What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop?

There are many choices you can opt for as a source of protection for the countertop. These protective solutions should have these fundamental features like excellent heat-resistant, non-skid, and scratch-proof.

#1 Silicone Mat

Silicone is always the top-notch material used for making heat-resistant material. As a fact, a silicone pad can withstand the heat of 450 Fahrenheit degrees and -40 Fahrenheit of cold. Therefore, you can use a silicone mat as a protector for your countertop and your fridge shelf.

What’s more, you can also use it for preparing food, baking, or pastry by turning it into a vegetable cutting mat, pizza mat, or potholder. However, before using silicone mats for these purposes, you should look for ones with high-quality and medically approved certificates.

The flexibility and ease of use are other features that make this an optimal item to protect the air fryer’s countertop by putting it under the machine. Since silicone is not a rigid material, you can fold and neatly store the mat when not using it.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 1The silicone mat for the kitchen.

Plus, when you put in or take the food out of the air fryer and accidentally spill it all over the silicone mat, the stains and debris are inevitable. Unlike other materials, you can effortlessly use warm water and soap to wipe out the stains on the silicone mat.

Some air fryer models don’t have an anti-skid bottom, so they may slide out of the countertop and fall onto the ground. Silicon mat’s here to solve that issue. Anti-skid is a remarkable feature of a silicon mat that will keep your air fryer steady on the countertop.

Another reason why we should choose a silicone mat is due to its environmentally friendly recyclable and reusable features.

#2 Insulated Mat

Though both result from the utilization of silicon, an insulated mat is different from the silicone mat above in terms of the coating layer. An insulated mat has its surface made from steel mixed with non-stick aluminum. Therefore, this type of mat brings the sense of a high-grade item due to its steel silvery pattern.

This steel coat boosts the heat-absorbing ability of the mat so that it can protect the countertop more efficiently.

Like its brother above, the insulated product assists users in the cleaning process. A moist, damp cloth can solve all debris and stains.

#3 Wooden Cutting Board

Hardly anyone has thought of this item for protecting the countertop despite its commonness. If you have a redundant wooden cutting board, you can use it to protect your countertop against the heat from the air fryer.

A wooden cutting board can withstand the 500 Fahrenheit-degree heat released from the air fryer to keep the countertop intact. Although a wooden board is heavy enough to resist skidding, it still stands the risk of sliding when placed on a granite countertop. Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry. This protection will work well on other countertop types.


What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 2A wooden cutting board.

Apart from wooden cutting boards, other types of cutting boards like bamboo or glass can be decent options for avoiding the air fryer’s heat from deforming the countertop. There’s almost no difference between these types, so you can relate to the wooden board when finding out more about the bamboo and the glass ones.

#4 Plain Ceramic Tile

For anyone with a big budget, the expensive heat-absorbing material on the plain ceramic tile would be the best option.

The ceramic itself is a cool material, so when positioned under an air fryer, it will cool down the machine’s temperature while restricting the heat from reaching the countertop. Nowadays, you can find plain ceramic tiles with various sizes adequate to fit your air fryers on multiple eCommerce platforms.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 3The granite tile must be plain.

You will face no hindrance when cleaning the ceramic tile’s surface. Yet, wiping out the stains and dirt on the bottom’s inner face is quite difficult because dust is always clotting there.

Can A Granite Countertop Work Well With An Air Fryer?

Granite is the toughest natural material for construction that can resist 1000 Fahrenheit degrees of heat. From this piece of information, you may think that the air fryer heat is harmless to the granite countertop? We’re very sorry to inform you that it’s not true.

Nothing is perfect, and neither is the granite. The imperfect build quality may result in some minor internal cracks of the granite sheet. Besides the quick heating-up and cooling-down of the air fryer’s temperature, the cracks will expand and become significantly damaged.

What Can I Put Under My Air Fryer To Protect My Countertop 4

A kitchen countertop.

Therefore, the granite countertop can be a suitable spot to place your air fryer, but remember to put a protection mat between them.

Should You Put Protection Under The Air Fryer?

The answer is YES, and you SHOULD put a protection item under the air fryer.

Without protection, the heat from the air fryer will directly transfer to the countertop. The heat will destroy the countertop from time to time, especially with low-grade countertop materials like wood or laminate. The deteriorating process will occur faster.

Bottom Lines

After reading our post, your “What” on “What can I put under my air fryer to protect my countertop?” might have changed into “Which.” These are the four most common and optimal items to prevent the heat of an air fryer from destroying the countertop. Carefully consider your budget and demand to pick the appropriate product.

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Digital Marketing and its benefits for businesses

With today’s technological development, Digital Marketing is very popular and gradually replacing traditional marketing. Digital marketing gives users the experience of products and services in the explosive era of the Internet. Bringing great benefits to companies, businesses, and their customers.  Digital marketing includes many types, each with its own strategies and tools that you can use to help you achieve your business goals.

Check details here

Content Marketing

Content marketing refers to the creation and promotion of all types of content, whether it is written, audio, or visual content. Marketing content includes blog posts, case studies, videos, podcasts, and more. A successful content marketing strategy engages and guides customers through every sales stage.

When you create helpful content that solves your customers’ problems, you gain credibility. Over time, you can establish trust, which can lead to sales. The more high-quality content you create, the more chances you have of presenting your brand and ranking with search engines.

Email Marketing

An email marketing strategy can range from sales announcements, monthly newsletters to remarketing messages. Email marketing professionals can also use tools or methods to create a profitable strategy.

The secret to email marketing success is writing catchy headlines and high converting copy that makes people want to take the next step. The more relevant the email is to what the prospect needs, the more they will think of you when they’re ready to buy.

Social media marketing

You cannot ignore social media to market your business. Social media is a great tool to give customers a personal connection with you.

In addition to their huge customer base, most social media sites have the added advantage of analytics, giving you more data on customer composition and preferences than ever before. In short, social media is a major vehicle for business growth.

With social media marketing, you can connect with customers on their preferred platforms. You can use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, or other social media platforms to promote your loyal followers and sell products.

Check details here

Digital Marketing – SEO

SEO refers to techniques and strategies that help your website show up more in Google’s search results. Ideally, rank in the top 10 results for searches that are important to your business. This may include altering and optimizing the content on the website. The structure of the website includes navigation, links to and from the website’s pages, and external websites.

Of course, that’s not all about SEO. In fact, there is a long list of search ranking factors. In a nutshell, Google wants to know your business is trustworthy, and it looks for signals like:

  • External reviews of your business
  • Brand mentions from trusted external sources
  • Share on social networks
  • The more aggressive these criteria are, the better your articles and website will be ranked.

Digital Marketing – SEM

The focus of SEM, or search engine marketing, is on buying ads that appear in search results. You’ll also hear people talking about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You may have noticed that there are a few ads that appear at the top of the search results.

These ads are created by AdWords, and your SEM strategy aims to ensure that your ads appear at the right time to target the people you want to reach most. These ads also appear on mobile devices. Due to positioning, these ads get a lot of clicks. Means more traffic, sales, and leads for your business.

Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you allow others to expand your audience, expand your traffic, and drive sales for your business. You then pay a commission for each sale.

Direct traffic – Direct traffic refers to customers who visit your website without clicking on the link. Most Direct traffic comes from bookmarks, messaging apps, or hearing about your website and entering the URL directly into the browser.

Referral traffic – Referral traffic means that a customer clicked a link on another website to visit your site. Referral traffic usually comes from blog posts that link to your business or company listings in online directories.

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5 Meaningful and practical birthday gifts for mom

Mother’s birthday is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and love to them. There are many ways to express your love for your mother and giving birthday gifts is one of them. However, what should be given as a birthday gift for a mother that is both meaningful and practical is not easy. If you are looking for a gift for your mother at the beginning, check out some of our suggestions below!

What do mothers like?

First of all, you need to understand that a mother is also a woman, and also has hobbies that any woman likes, for example, clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, jewelry, … Therefore, you can also consider choosing these items as gifts for your mother on her birthday. It is important to pay attention to the material, style, color to see if it is suitable for the age and preferences of your mother.

10 meaningful and practical birthday gifts for mom

Or if your economic conditions are limited, just prepare simple, important gifts that are your heart and love for your mother. Know that, for parents, children are always their most valuable asset. The older the parents, the more they want to be near their children. So, on your mother’s birthday, just remembering to visit them, go to the kitchen to prepare a simple and warm meal is enough to make her feel happy and satisfied.

Meaningful birthday gifts for mom


If you have good economic conditions, you can choose valuable jewelry as a birthday gift for your mother. For example, a necklace of gold, pearl, jade, or diamond that is beautifully designed, suitable for your age, will surely be very happy.
Or you can also choose a pair of earrings, rings at a more reasonable price as a gift. Or jewelry that is a bracelet is also chosen by many people. With this bracelet, mom can always carry it with her anytime, anywhere, and implicitly affirms your eternal love for her.

Most people when buying bracelets for their mothers choose gold or onyx bracelets because these are beautiful and luxurious materials suitable for middle age.

Nutritional vitamins

When entering middle age, health will tend to decrease markedly. Therefore, at this time, the body needs to be supplemented with nutritious vitamins. Then why don’t you buy vitamins as a birthday gift for your mother? Surely when receiving this gift, your mother will also feel your affection and care, and concern for her. However, before deciding to buy any vitamins, you need to find out carefully, even ask experts to choose the right product for the mother’s health status as well as the body.


The older the parents, the more their children have to care about their health. Elderly people are more prone to diseases that increase or decrease blood pressure. Therefore, you can also consider buying a blood pressure monitor as a birthday gift for your mother. This gift is both practical and can be used by both parents to help them check their blood pressure every day, timely detect if blood pressure has abnormal signs to give appropriate treatment.

Massage machine

Massage machines are also one of the great birthday gifts for mothers that are being chosen by many people. Your job is too busy, there is no condition to be with your mother to take care of and massage your mother every day. Meanwhile, the older the mother is, the more and more serious bone and joint problems appear.
It is very common for middle-aged people to have back pain, shoulder pain, and joint pain. The best treatment is regular massage, acupressure. Therefore, choosing to buy your mother a quality massage machine with many vibration modes with different heat zones will help you have wonderful moments of relaxation. At the same time, long-term use of massage machines can also limit and prevent many diseases of bones and joints. If you have more conditions, you should buy a full-body massage chair. This gift can not only be used by your mother, but also by your father and family members.


So we have introduced to you some of the most meaningful and practical birthday gifts for mom. Hope you will find a meaningful gift for your mother on her birthday.

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What Happens if You Don’t Soak Potatoes Before Frying?


If you’ve never soaked potatoes before frying them, I have to warn you: they’ll be crunchy. And not in a good way. So, what happens if you don’t soak potatoes before frying?


No matter how long or hot the potatoes are cooked, they will be a little hard and never quite reach that coveted golden-brown texture. This is because when potato pieces are fried, their starches melt and remain behind as crispiness in the final product.


The only way to avoid this unpleasant fact of life is to cook them with sugar or salt ahead of time; but then you run the risk of adding unhealthy flavorings–soaking your cut pieces instead makes sense for those who want something sweet one day and salty another–or just something crispy at any meal.


What Causes Crunchiness in Potatoes When Frying?


In some cases, it’s the oil or fat that causes the crunchiness, and all you have to do is reduce it. But in most instances, it’s starch converting to sugar.


The reason that we tolerate potatoes fried hard on the outside but soft on the inside is because of a process called polymerization, where starch molecules change form and bond together. Polymerized starch forms crystalline networks that give potato foods a pleasant crunch.

But this crystalline network also makes it difficult to do something about the crunchiness, like soaking the potatoes in water.


Why Soak Potatoes Before Frying?


You may be surprised that soaking potatoes doesn’t work.


The theory goes that food starch is made up of long chains of sugars, and the longer the chain, the quicker it will polymerize and become crunchy when exposed to heat. The longer the chain, however, the harder it is for water to penetrate. So we shouldn’t soak potatoes before frying because doing so would force water in between all those long chains, which wouldn’t absorb it anymore.


This is true, as an oversimplification. But potato starch actually consists of distinct granules, and the finer and more uniform they are, the easier it is for water to get in and allow potatoes to cook evenly. Uncoated potato pieces with their irregular crystalline networks are likely to absorb more oil or fat during frying–and make them that way.


What Happens if You Don’t Soak Potatoes Before Frying?


Here is what happens if you don’t soak potatoes before frying:


  • Wet pieces contain more starch than dry ones because there is more water per unit of potato.


  • The starch granules are huge and irregularly shaped, and they don’t absorb enough water. Water can’t penetrate between the long starch chains, so it all ends up on the surface of the pieces.


  • The crusts are large and light in color–some even look pale brown or pinkish–because they contain very little potato starch. The smaller amount of starch in these crusts can absorb up to twice as much oil or fat than the small amount on the dry side.


  • Their light color results from a higher proportion of sugars in their starch granules. The water and starch won’t soak into the potato pieces before frying, so they will be crunchy and moist. The potatoes will have a bad mouthfeel. The crusts appear dark because they contain more oil than the rest of the potatoes—more on that later.


But even if you do soak potatoes, they may not necessarily soak up enough water to prevent oil absorption. The reason is because of the typical potato cut: across, or an X. This shape allows water to penetrate only one side of the potato, while the other side remains crunchy and protected by its skin.


Soaking potatoes in advance doesn’t work as well as coating them in a thick batter or flour-based mixture before frying.


The Basic Technique for Soaking Potatoes


Soaking potatoes before frying is still a myth without any evidence to prove it’s right or wrong. In fact, many people chose to do so to get a consistent result. In that case, what is the basic technique for soaking potatoes?


I think it’s a good idea to read this section to get a better idea of batter and flour-based mixtures, as well as why they could be more ideal for frying than plain water.


The simple technique of soaking potatoes is the same as soaking them in water before frying, except for the type of liquid you use: batter or flour-based mixture. Said liquid will surely cover the whole surface of the potato, and if you have a high-quality oil, you’ll get a very crisp result at the end.

Frequently Asked Questions


#1 Should You Soak Potatoes Before Frying?


Do not soak the potatoes. You should only pat them dry with a paper towel before frying them. It will cut down on the oil absorption, making your fried potato crisp and fluffy.


#2 What’s The Best Way To Season Potatoes Before Frying?


Potatoes are already flavorful enough on their own. If you’re looking to make them more aromatic, add some ground or mixed spices to the batter before cooking. Or use herbs like rosemary for a nice aroma after frying.


#3 What Happens if You Leave Potatoes in Water Too Long?


If you leave the potatoes too long in the water, they could be under-cooked in the center. On the other hand, damp or even slightly cooked potatoes are even better for fried food than fully cooked ones.


#4 Can You Freeze Potatoes Before Frying?


Potatoes can be frozen before frying if you want. However, they should be stored in an airtight container to prevent moisture loss. Most recipes don’t include freezing potatoes before frying because it is not recommended at all.




The only way to avoid the unpleasant fact of life is to cook them with sugar or salt ahead of time but then you run the risk of adding unhealthy flavorings. Soaking your cut pieces instead makes sense for those who want something sweet one day and salty another or just something crispy at any meal. If you still wonder about this question, check out the tips on the experts’ blog, or forums.

How to choose a good and affordable badminton racket for Newbies

Are you in need of advice on how to choose a detailed badminton racket from an expert so that you can buy yourself a racket that suits your playing style and the amount of money you intend to spend? Check out some of the badminton racquet experiences that I share below!

Coming to badminton, whether playing amateur or professional, you need to own a badminton racket. So, do you know how to choose the right badminton racket for your level and playing style? In today’s article, I will advise you to choose the best badminton racket for you. Now, let’s go through the steps to choose the right badminton racket for you!

How to choose a good badminton racket

How to choose a good and affordable badminton racket for Newbies

Choose the right badminton racket

Each person has different physical characteristics, physical strength, technical level, and playing style (tactical), so it is necessary to choose the right badminton racket, otherwise, it will be easy to lose interest after a short time. , the level does not improve, or worse, a wrist or shoulder injury… The first point to pay attention to is the weight of the racket, now often marked with the letter U on the sticker on the handle adjacent to the racket. racquet body.
The larger the U number, the lighter the racquet, and for Asians in general, 3U (85-89 grams) is the most appropriate and moderate racquet weight. Those with strong arms and wrists can choose 2U (90-94 grams). Girls and teenagers can choose a lighter version such as 4U (80-84 grams) or 5U (under 80 grams).

Choose according to the circumference of the badminton racket

The grip circumference is often indicated by manufacturers with the letter G also in the stamp, right next to the weight U number. The larger the G number, the smaller the racket handle, the European and American people prefer the G2, G3 girth, and the Vietnamese people often choose G4, G5. So, when you read the overall sticker about the racquet properties, you can see 3UG4 or 4UG5… You can understand in advance whether it will fit you.

Badminton racket length

The length can be specified by the manufacturer on the body of the badminton racket or according to the specifications published on the company’s website. The standard length of badminton rackets for hundreds of years is 665 mm. Over the past decade, in order to increase the attack advantage, people have produced longer racquets (but not exceeding 680 mm is the allowed standard). More and more racquets are marked “long” or “long size” with a length of about 675 mm. Among the manufacturers, Carlton is loyal to making 665 mm racquets; most Yonex models are 675 mm long, the Gosen is a little bit longer (678 mm). Proace, Caslon, Victor now also have variable length racquets for you to choose from. The short or long racquet is as you like, but you should consider carefully before buying a second one (for a second round) so that the racquet used daily should be the same length, less confusing when changing.

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Choose a racket that is heavy (Heavy Head), even (Even Balance) or light (Light Head)

These concepts are sometimes written on the racquet body, the letters are quite small, you have to pay attention to see it. Those who are young and strong, often hit the bridge, cross the bridge, and take the main position, they often like heavy rackets. In contrast, older men who are too middle-aged, retirees who are weaker, or play zigzag, taking the defensive position and setting the bridge as the main, often prefer light racquets. Those who have a relatively comprehensive defensive playstyle seem to be suitable for the Balance type. Some of the later Proace racquets have head heavyweights, with Yonex being CAB 20MS, CAB 30MS, Ti10, MP88, AT700, AT800…
When choosing to buy, try to have an initial feeling about this and even about the hardness of the shaft. People with strong wrist strength prefer to use stiff body rackets; If your wrist strength is a bit weak, you should choose a slightly more flexible racquet. With a flexible body, the flexibility when using is also higher. In fact, manufacturers also have “tricks” to increase the flexibility of the racquet body even though the body is made of hard materials, roughly speaking “strengthening” of all kinds. La Fleche has a smaller shaft from the shaft, Wilson “assists” in the shaft adjacent to the shaft, Gosen has a short shaft design. Anyway, the effectiveness of using these “boost” racquets depends on your skill, not just “increasing” is good. In addition, there is a manufacturer that clearly states on the body of the racket offensive or defensive for you to easily choose the right one.

Choose a racket for doubles or singles?

If you’re not planning to be a professional athlete, it doesn’t really matter which racket you use for singles or doubles. People often take the movement as the main doubles. You can see more of my article best badminton racket for doubles 2021


Above is all advice on how to choose a good and affordable badminton racket for newbies that have been compiled. Hope the above advice is useful and can help you choose the best racquet for you. Hope you choose a racquet that’s right for you!

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How to score a boxing match Like Pro

The scoring of a boxing match is always controversial and is constantly being picked up by supervisors.

It is always questioned because it is “subjective.” No matter how you count punches, watch actions, or make decisions, it can still be caused by human error, bias, and unfortunately sometimes dishonesty.

Having said that, the basic method and best formula on how to score a professional boxing match, each match should be based on the following criteria.

Here’s what judges are ADDITIONAL to monitor and base their decisions on:

EFFECTIVE EFFECTIVE. This is not simply about going forward and throwing punches. It means that a fighter is forcing action, deciding on speed, determining the distance at which the fight is to be taken, and “hit without being hit.” Too many amateur and professional level referees simply score the boxer who is closing in and creating action. If the fighter is doing it, but they are not effective, it will not count in the result.

GENERAL RING. This is best demonstrated when one fighter, mentally and/or physically, imposes his will on the other. It is also demonstrated by a boxer using his space to their advantage. They usually work well with the ropes, setting the tempo of the fight and dictating the range or distance at which the match is waged. The dominant fighter must always demonstrate a clear understanding of his surroundings, positioning and controlling all areas of the boxing ring.

If you are afraid of punches that are too strong, use specialized protective gear Best mouthguard for MMA, Boxing

CLEAN DOLL. This measurement should only be applied to a hit that hits the ground with full force to the head, face, upper body, and core. Punches blocked with hands, shoulders, glances, or missed shots don’t count at all. The operation is not equally effective. Speed ​​and power should also count, as long as each punch hits the ground “flush”. Cleanliness means direct contact.

DEFENSE. When aggression and power are being countered by punches and/or an equally effective defense, this also plays an important role in proper scoring. Only punches that clearly hit the ground count, and fighters who effectively miss their opponents get credit for this valuable skill.

Being an amateur or professional boxing judge comes with great responsibility. They have careers and livelihoods within reach. Judging a boxing match can never be perfect, but there are some rules and guidelines that are standard. They give the best approximation, especially when they are applied without bias, personal feelings, or fraudulent expressions.

If you understand the basics of boxing, apply these four occipital criteria. You will understand this game and get the correct score in most matches

Judge by what you SEE and KNOW, not by what you BELIEVE or FEEL.