The followings are 5 useful and enjoyable ways to keep our garden away from weeds.

Tip 1: Keep the weed out of your walking row

Keeping the weed out of your walking row between the trees is just as essential to the condition of a garden.  The answer is mulch, mulch and mulch. You can use whatever you have on your hand. Shredded leaves and straw work perfectly to make a thick from 3 to 5 inches hiding between the planting row.  For a long time, some weeds would begin to emerge, and we could easily remove them on the daily trip in your garden. If they become denser, then we could simply use the best weed eater in your garden and mow down the weeds.  It will looks great again immediately and remains this way for many weeks. It is so much better and simpler than tilling the soil between the rows.



Tip 2:  Remove the bare soil from your beds and garden

Bare soil is probably the root of most problems with weed. It is an open encouragement for blowing the seeds of weed to become emerged. By soil protection and mulches usage, you could dramatically limit the possibility of weeds to grow. We often combine the mulches in the garden space to cover it.

Just remember that an open space is the encouragement for soil erosion and weed grow.

Tip 3: Resist tilling and digging the soil

This is definitely the greatest time-saving tip for weed prevention that we can provide. Stop tilling your garden. In a time when it could take one person to till the soil between the rows of your garden, you have finished the 10-minute gardening for each day, gone out for a dinner. And while you are working that excessive time of tilling, this person also replants an enormous amount of weed seeds, which would start to grow in the next coming weeks.

Basically, tilling takes most of the weed seeds, which are on the surface of the soil, where they could never grow, and takes them to the soil. For a long time, tilling could also damage the structure of your soil. Speaking of the weeds, however, it is a main reason for gardeners to spend so much of their time trying to remove them. It could take chore, gas and time. Instead of that, you should cover the soil heavily with shredded leaves, straw or grass clippings, they will keep the weeds to the minimum and help to add nutritious substance to the soil when they are about to break down.

Tip 4 : Start to practice the technique of cover crop

Start to cover the crops this autumn. Cover the crops could really help us to remove the weeds by protecting the bare soil over an early spring, winter and late autumn month.  They have clear benefits to help the vitality of the soil, but they also help us to create an obstacle to blow the seeds. After one or two season of covering the crop, you would be very surprised how little weeds could actually emerge in the garden.

Tip 5: Practice the philosophy of 10 minutes a day

I believe that there are many skeptics of spending just 10 minutes a day in a garden for the maintenance. Nevertheless, this is one of the most important key to keep your garden away from the weeds. This would sound a little bit impossible, but 10 minutes of working every day is not similar to working 70 minutes every week in your garden.